Christian Science Nursing in Indiana and surrounding communities in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky (317) 759-1956

About Us

First Church Of Christ Scientist Boston

Our Mission Statement

To demonstrate the unlimited abundance and practical availability of Christian Science nursing care for all those that seek it by maintaining and distributing a benevolence fund and educating the field about Christian Science nursing.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing at the heart of a vibrant, open community embracing an expansive idea of home.

Midland at Home supports the use of Christian Science nursing as part of Christian Science health care. It may take place in a facility or at home. The appropriate use of a Christian Science nurse can facilitate healing. We also assist in meeting the financial needs of patients who are using a Christian Science nurse in conjunction with a Christian Science practitioner.

A board of directors that is empowered under the laws of the State of Indiana, non-profit statutes, manages the Midland at Home organization. Members of the board are all members of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. They also are members of one of its branches or societies.

Midland no longer manages any facility. We have embarked in a direction that includes three initiatives:

  • Educate members of our churches on the value of Christian Science nursing and its impact on the speedy recovery of those under Christian Science treatment.
  • Assist Christian Science nurses in the development of their individual practice and ministry.
  • Support and enable benevolence for those using Christian Science nursing services.