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Find A Christian Science Nurse In Indiana
What exactly does a Christian Science nurse do?

Christian Science nurses provide skillful, non-medical physical care for anyone relying exclusively on Christian Science for healing. They reflect the spiritual atmosphere conducive to immediate and complete healing. The physical care they provide includes such things as bathing, cleaning and bandaging wounds, assistance with mobility, and feeding.

If you’re relying on Christian Science entirely and exclusively for healing, are free from the use of drugs or medical assistance and/or supervision, and are working with a Christian Science practitioner, you are eligible to use the services of a Christian Science nurse.

Finding a Christian Science nurse that will meet the needs of your specific case is in itself a demonstration of God’s guidance and care. Prayerful consideration should be given to the selection process. When you are ready to find a Christian Science nurse, there are several ways available to you.

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The Christian Science Journal Directory provides a list of Christian Science Journal-listed nurses, who may be available to serve your needs and their locations.
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If you would like to talk to someone about how to contact a Christian Science nurse, please call us at (317) 759-1956 or email us at We can help you find information about who is available, what services can be provided, and what fees to expect.  We will continue to maintain and update information on Christian Science nurse availability in church communities throughout Indiana.